Quick Start Guide

Quboo uses Gamification to help you have fun while fixing your organization’s legacy code: Missing Tests, Potential Bugs, Unreadable Code, etc.

This game gets the code quality data from SonarQube (also known simply as Sonar), a popular tool to collect and analyze code metrics. The application contacts your Sonar server’s REST API and processes the results to assign points and badges to the developers in your teams.

Read first the Points and Badges section to know how the game works.

Players' Ranking

Setting it up

Quboo is just a Web Application that you can deploy by yourself in your organization’s server. The reason for not having a cloud version is that, usually, you don’t want to expose your code metrics to external parties.

To install Quboo you can follow the instructions on the Installation section in the repository.

Creating teams

You can then access to the Quboo Web interface (http://[host]:1827 by default) and organize people in teams. The list of users is retrieved from Sonar, you just need to use the Organizer section to create teams and assign people to them.

Be patient while organizing teams! Data is retrieved from Sonar every 2 minutes so you will need to wait or use the refresh button at the topbar. After that, you still need to get the web page refreshed.

Players' Ranking

Visualize it

Then, you can put the Team Dashboard on a screen. You can also show the individual scores if you want (Players section). The best way to achieve this -for now- is to use a browser extension (e.g. this one) to switch between tabs (open Quboo twice if you want the Players ranking).

Make Quboo better

If you want to support Quboo and get some benefits like extra badges and removing the banner, please consider becoming a Patron. Thanks!

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